Football   |   September 9, 2021

Tottenham Hotspurs Players Are Allegedly Not Fond Of Fabio Paratici’s Antics

Tottenham Hotspurs Players Are Allegedly Not Fond

Fabio Paratici (Managing Director of Football for English club Tottenham Hotspurs) is on the hit list for his frequent outrageous shows as tensions develop from Tottenham Hotspurs Players. That is because the 49-year-old Italian has been drawing much attention on the sidelines during matches. 

Fabio Paratici arrived from Juventus as Tottenham Hotspur’s first managing director, which took effect on 1st July 2021. The new sporting director has done an excellent job at the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium by revamping a new impressive strategy this season that significantly impacted the club. The managing director of Spurs has captivated the club’s fans, especially with his handling of the summer transfer window.

Spurs remain at the top of the English Premier League table after a consecutive 1-0 winning of all their three opening matches against Manchester City, Wolves, and Watford. It is a start that presently spots Nuno Espirito Santo’s side leading with nine points for the first time in history.

Spur’s Players Not Comfortable With Fabio Paratici Touchline Behaviour

Tension drew for Spurs’ stars as they became unhappy with Fabio Paratici’s conduct at the club so far. From the previous matches, the Italian has been seen regularly criticizing other officials on the sideline. Steve Hitchen (Director of Technical Performance for Tottenham Hotspur) and Fabio Paratici directors have been seen jumping, screaming, and shouting from the team seats in the dug-out during matches.

According to The Sun, Fabio Paratici’s conduct at the club has led to enough unrest starting from the dressing rooms to the pitch. Most of the club’s stars are fed up as the managing director seems to continue with his eccentric antics exhibited with his presence at the touchlines throughout every match. 

Tottenham Hotspurs Substitutes Are Looking Forward to a Quieter Time on the Bench 

The Italian Fabio Paratici and the English Steve Hitchen have been on the touchlines for both matches hosted at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium in the opening of the 2021-22 season. The two frequently made unbearable scolds over other players on the pitch and officials on the field. It is evident from the videos circulating through social media platforms.

The Spurs’ players on the bench feel unhappy and uncomfortable with the pair sitting alongside them. The players cannot even communicate freely during the games. They expect to see some changes after the senior staff not having to sit with them at the sidelines.

No matter how sources feel it isn’t suitable for the two sitting with substitutes, it is pretty unfortunate for Spurs’ players as they have to put up with this norm up to at least October. The two staff directors had to join other players on the bench as a result of anti-Covid-19 regulations. However, these protocols are yet to undergo some changes starting next month.

Chairman Daniel Levy Remains a Big Fan of Fabio Paratici for Years

Despite the frustrations some players are getting from these two. Chairman Daniel Levy remains an enthusiast of the Italian sporting director, who he trusts to help drive the club’s impressive performance to another level. Earlier July this year, he placed Fabio in charge of developing and managing Spur’s football operations, facilities, and infrastructure.

Daniel Levy said that he knew Fabio Paratici for years at Allianz Stadium (Juventus’ Pitch) as a tough negotiator, as seen from discussions they had before. His unquestionable knowledge about handling a team and bringing up the youth makes him have a lot of respect and warm approval. 

The chairman also mentioned that Fabio Paratici is part of the Tottenham Hotspurs managing team. Everything to do with the pitchside will be his responsibility. He concluded by saying that Fabio Paratici will be working closely with Steve Hitchen. He anticipates the success the Italian had made at Juventus at Tottenham Hotspurs.

However, players and fans are still waiting to see whether the club will dismiss these offensive frustrations in the coming few weeks. The club will not regard this kind of outrageous drama to affect the performance and results at the end of the matches.

Fabio Paratici said that he was inspired by having this incredible chance at one of the UK’s top clubs and Europe. He also gave a lot of thanks to Daniel Levy for trusting him, and he is looking forward to an ambitious long-term plan and a hopeful success at the club.