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Casino   |   September 9, 2021

Station Casinos on the Hit List After the Culinary Union Plans for a New Casino Site

Station Casinos on the Hit List

The Culinary Union and Station Casinos have been combating the attempts of having a new casino site planned at the southwest valley. However, Station Casinos is yearning for the locals’ support in their pursuit to set up the project. The Culinary Union is currently battling from a different angle, issuing threats to Station Casino to terminate the Durango Station casino project close to the Las Vegas Strip. 

The Station Casino urges the local officials that the project is likely to establish potential job opportunities for the residents and, in return, generate revenue for the area. The local officials have formally agreed with the Station Casinos to set up the casino and hotel in the neighborhood. However, the Culinary Union is trying to sabotage the efforts of Station Casino to have the employees unionize in Las Vegas. 

The station casinos accused of inappropriately stopping Culinary Union Unionization efforts 

Red Rock Resorts, the prototype company of the Station Casinos, declared plans for establishing the project as of July 2021. The plan was to set up a 216-foot tall, 120,000 square-foot, and a 1,000-room hotel off Durango Drive and Interstate 215. 

After Station Casinos laid out its Durango project plans, the Spring Valley Town Advisory Board voted in favor. It was only last week when the Spring Valley Town Advisory Board approved the new Durango Station Casino. According to company officials, the establishment of the Durango Station site will comprise of two phases: 

  • the first one will focus on the gaming aspect of the casino resort
  • the second will bring a movie theater and several restaurants

Tensions grew higher from the Culinary Union side as they established efforts to prevent Station Casinos from taking over the vacant Spring Valley. Some locals believed that the casino could disadvantage the area despite Station Casino laying out a plan to ease intense use, contemplating less gaming floor space, scrutiny of the surrounding neighborhoods, and an almost halved number of hotel rooms. 

Culinary Union Efforts to Wrangle Stations Casinos Plans for New Casino Site  

Culinary Union contacted some of the locals in an attempt to halt the Durango Station project from progressing. They mailed postcards to locals to attend an approval meeting. The meeting was to raise opinions against Station Casino being a strip-sized casino. That is increasing traffic on Maule Avenue hence not compatible with neighborhood safety which wasn’t a good idea for its approval by the local officials. 

According to an impact study done by the Culinary Union, the Traffic across Maule Avenue could probably rise from 18,533 to 78,558 vehicle trips a day for the past couple of years. This has led to locals raising concerns about public safety and traffic.  

The Spring Valley Advisory Board had already given Station Casinos permission to proceed with the project as of 31st August 2021, even though Culinary Union’s attempts to block the approval. However, Clark County hasn’t signed off yet.

The Clark County Zoning Commission to Come up With a Resolution Later in September  

The Clark County Commissioner, Justin Jones, said that he would probably resolve this during a meeting with the zoning commission scheduled later in September. Together with the Clark County Commission, Justin Jones discussed yesterday to have the casino on the agenda before coming up with a decision within the next couple of weeks, probably on 21st September 2021.

That also led to National Labor Relations Board getting entangled by taking the company to federal court. The United States Federal District Court ruled that the Station Casinos must work out with the Culinary Union for employees at Red Rock Resort. However, the station Casinos Red Rock Resorts has repeatedly fought back, ignoring the Culinary Union’s employee-led initiatives.

Station Casinos are looking forward to mitigating the public concerns on how the Durango Station will impact the local area. The public was invited and had a chance to discuss the project. Despite the Culinary battle to terminate the project, Stations Casinos are dedicated to serving the southwest valley that is highly neglected for gaming and with the closest gaming venue to be significantly distanced away. 

  • Station Casinos announced a new casino near Las Vegas last month
  • The Culinary Union is trying to talk residents into rejecting the project