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Casino   |   September 2, 2021

Possible COVID Exposure Sites Casino

Possible COVID Exposure Sites

As a result of casino gaming and gambling resuming operations, the CDC has put up measures that can help protect staff and clients to curb the spread of COVID-19. These casinos and gaming operations are in alliance with local health officials on how to implement these measures and adjustments to meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts of the local community.  

All businesses apart from casinos must comply with these implementations practically. You can find them here for more details on implementing these regulations, especially for restaurants and bars in casinos. These implementations are meant to replace local, territorial, federal, or tribal safety protocols.

Northern NSW Local Health District Alert on COVID-19 Potential Areas 

Tests were conducted in a mobile COVID-19 clinic at Muli Muli Aboriginal community, located near Woodenbong and Urbenville, on Wednesday, 1st September 2021. Casinos in Woodenbong are on high alert as NNSW Health establishes more clinics to investigate any other potential venues of concern in the town.

According to Lynne Weir, the acting Chief Executive of the Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSW HD), one person tested positive to COVID-19 several days after visiting a casino in that region. Lynne Weir confirms that the person is not a resident within the Northern NSW Local Health District and is currently out of the District. The individual acquired the infection while still in Northern NSW upon returning to Sydney. 

The continuing investigations by the Northern NSW Local Health showed that the virus was infectious in the community starting Saturday, 21st August 2021. Once the tests are determined, the NSW Local Health will announce those in close contact with these locations of concern. 

Muli Muli Aboriginal Community COVID-19 Testing

In the meantime, ‘as a precautionary measure,’ all locals at the Muli Muli Aboriginal community are urged to come forward for voluntary testing if they exhibit signs and symptoms of COVID-19. 

Lynne Weir urges that if anyone displays any mild symptoms of COVID-19, they should self-isolate until a negative test is confirmed. She later concluded that COVID-19 news in the community does raise concern, and locals should stay vigilant to curb the further spread of the virus.

A significant number of tests have been conducted throughout Muli Muli Aboriginal locals. Apart from Woodenbong, the NSW Public health is still running comprehensive contact tracing, including Coraki, Wardell, Alstonville, Evans Head, and Kyogle.

COVID-19 cases surge in NSW

Today NSW hit a new high with 1,290 more infections with four casualties. As the infections increase, so is the pressure on the health care system. This has forced dozens of nurses in NSW hospitals into isolation like the Blacktown hospital has reported a Positive doctor, 52 staff mostly nurses isolating.

The growing concern is high as workers spread the virus to other working areas. Most affected casinos are on lockdown with the hope the spread might reduce.  

Mobile COVID-19 Testing Laboratories Located in Casinos

Here are some of the mobile testing clinics locals can voluntarily visit:

  • Casino Respiratory Clinic on 107 Barker St, Casino NSW 2470, Australia. Open from Monday to Friday. You can book an appointment.
  • Casino Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology in RSM Centre shop 3-4, located on 166 Canterbury Street, Casino, NSW, 2470. Open from Monday to Friday. Appointments are not required here.
  • Casino 4Cyte Pathology Drive Through clinic for only people having symptoms including fever and acute respiratory. Found on Queen Elizabeth Park, Hartley Street, Casino, NSW, 2470. Open from Monday to Friday. Appointments are not required.
  • Locals can find a full list of mobile COVID-19 testing clinics here.

Keeping up Healthy Operations in Casinos

Casinos should provide gaming activities in online or virtual format. Casino and gaming operators should promote behaviours that reduce the spread of COVID-19 amongst both their staff and clients. However, if dealers bring these gaming activities lively, they might consider implementing these strategies:

  • Before re-opening, casino operators must clean and disinfect all of its hard and soft surfaces as per the guidelines indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for disinfecting and cleaning your facility. 
  • The Casinos should frequently schedule the cleaning of slot machines using proven disinfecting wipe dispenser products. 
  • They should not play table games such as poker games during the initial opening of the casino to emphasize social distance.
  • Casino employees should remind customers to adhere to a six-foot or one-meter distance from others in queuing areas.