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What Are the Best Esports Games to Play?

The world of gaming is a very competitive one. There’s always someone who wants to be better than you, and there’s no shortage of people willing to help them do so. The most popular way for gamers to compete is through online multiplayer matches in which two or more players battle it out on their computers. 

These can occur over local networks or across the internet using dedicated servers that host multiple game sessions. In this article, we will look at some of the top esports titles available today, including both PC-based games & console-based ones, and our top video game download site picks. We have also included our recommendations for what games you should try if you want to play video games.

The Best Esports Games To Play Today: Top 5 Picks

League of Legends 

This MOBA title has been around since 2009, but its popularity continues to grow year after year. It features different characters from various fantasy worlds battling it out in an arena where they must destroy all opponents before being eliminated themselves. These champions gain experience points and level up as time goes by, becoming stronger and learning new skills. If you like MOBAs, then this might be your cup of tea!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive 

Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment released CSGO back in August 2012, which became one of the biggest eSports titles ever created. With millions of active users worldwide, it’s easy to see why. The gameplay revolves around two teams trying to complete objectives while defending themselves from opposing forces (terrorists) counterattacks. You need to master teamwork and communication skills along with fast reflexes to succeed in this highly addictive FPS.

Dota 2 

Released in July 2013, Dota 2 is another hugely successful MOBA game. Like many others, it involves several heroes fighting against each other to win control of critical areas within the map. It focuses purely on strategy and tactics. A vast amount of effort has created a balanced system that allows skilled players to dominate less experienced competitors.


Blizzard Entertainment first introduced us to Overwatch back in 2016. Since then, it has grown massively in popularity and now boasts a large player base. The concept behind the game is simple; join either Team Offense or Defense and play against computer-controlled enemies until only one remains standing. Unlike other MOBA games, though, Overwatch offers much greater variety thanks to its character roster. Every hero comes equipped with unique weapons and powers, making every match feel fresh and exciting.

Fortnite Battle Royale 

Epic Games took everything we loved about their previous hit battle royale game and turned it into something new and original. In this free-to-play online multiplayer game, you build structures, craft items, and search for resources. There are no limits to how long you can survive, so make sure to keep yourself well-stocked with food, water, health kits, and ammo. It’s not just survival based on your abilities. There are vehicles available which allow you to travel great distances at breakneck speeds.

Top Free Online Video Game Download Sites For Gamers

Free download sites are great places to find free software downloads. However, some of these websites may contain malicious content such as viruses and malware. We recommend downloading files from official sources whenever possible. Here are our top picks for the best free video game download sites.

Steam Community Market 

SCM allows anyone to buy and sell games. Users can browse thousands of products created by other members and buy games instantly. It is a website dedicated to providing users with high-quality, downloadable media for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

G2A Marketplace 

G2A is a digital marketplace for gaming deals. On the platform, you will be able to find cheap discount codes for hundreds of games. Besides, you can easily purchase in-game gold, gems, coins, weapons, boosts, and other cool stuff straight from the game itself.

Origin Store 

Origin is EA’s online store. It features an enormous collection of full versions of their most played games. There are also demos available for new releases. In addition, there are tons of discounts offered throughout the year.

PlayStation Network 

PSN lets gamers access millions of songs, videos, articles and share gameplay footage via YouTube live-streaming. This network had been working flawlessly since its launch back in November 2006.

Amazon Appstore 

Amazon has made it easy to install third-party APKs onto Fire tablets and smartphones. Search for what you want inside the Android emulator called “Amazon Appstore.”

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