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Virtual Sports   |   November 9, 2021

Live Sports Betting Strategy

Earlier, punters would gather in casinos to place wagers. With modern technology, they can enjoy live sports gaming anywhere, anytime. You can find sports betting, slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, and more right on your devices! 

Live betting is placing wagers on sports after the events have started. This means that you can watch live streaming video feeds of the actual event taking place. Once the game starts, you can start making predictions on who will win. 

How To Wager A Live Bet On Sports?

Live betting refers to placing an actual bet while watching a sporting event unfold in real-time. You might have heard people referring to these as In-Play Bets because the events have started and are up to their conclusion. But no matter which name you prefer, all live bets involve two things: 

The Outcome Of The Match – What Is Going To Happen In Real-Time?

When wagering on live matches, pay attention to the score at the end of each quarter. That means you must watch every play until the final whistle blows. You only win or lose based on whether your chosen team wins or loses.

Your Stake Amount – How Much Will I Have To Pay For My Prediction?

To payout on a winning prediction, you must put down a certain amount of money. That means that you should always set aside enough funds to avoid losing too much money if you guess incorrectly. Several factors determine how much you should risk per bet:

  • Your level of expertise – Do you understand statistics well enough to predict live outcomes, or do you rely on gut instinct?
  • Your bankroll size – Are you willing to take risks with small amounts of cash, or can you risk large sums of money? 
  • Your tolerance for loss – Can you handle losing big chunks of money quickly without getting upset? Or does gambling stress you?
  • Your personal preferences – Would you rather gamble on something fun like horse racing and baseball, or perhaps you enjoy playing poker instead?

What to Pay Attention to When Wagering Live Bets 

The most important thing to remember when placing live bets on sports events is that you shouldn’t put too much money into a single bet even if you think you have found a genuine way to beat the bookies. Only risk a small percentage of your total stake per bet. Otherwise, you could end up losing everything.

When wagering live events, you need to pay attention to several things:

  • Time remaining in the game – As the clock ticks away, teams begin running out of steam. If there’s less time left, then chances increase that either team will make mistakes and lose the ball.
  • Who is playing? Is it a big club such as Barcelona and Real Madrid or a small league team? Knowing who is playing helps determine whether you should back them or not.
  • Where is the event taking place? Is the team you are wagering on hosting the event? Playing in front of their fans at home will positively affect the atmosphere. 
  • Team chemistry – A winning team tends to work together better than a losing team. There will be high chances of players working together to win the event.
  • Opponent strength – Teams don’t always perform equally against all opponents. Sometimes they struggle against weaker clubs, whereas they crush stronger ones. It pays to look up stats about past matches between the two sides so you can get an idea of how likely they are to score.

Mobile Live Betting 

To wager live on mobile, you can use either a mobile browser extension or an app. Both methods work the same but differ in terms of functionality. 

Mobile Browser Extension

Mobile browsers allow users to view live odds and stats directly within the web page. You can add a widget to your phone home screen. This way, you can track multiple teams from anywhere. You can also get notifications whenever there’s new action happening. 

Mobile Betting App

They’re easier to navigate since they offer fewer distractions compared to extensions. Apps provide access to live data through a dedicated application interface. Users can easily switch back and forth between viewing results and other information using tabs. Apps come equipped with features like chat rooms where players can discuss their strategies. If you’d prefer to make bets while watching the event unfold, then an app is for you.

Dafabet Live Sports Betting   

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