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Gambling News   |   August 20, 2021

ForeVR Games to Shift Real Sports into Virtual Reality

ForeVR Games to Shift Real Sports

For the past few years, esports or virtual sports have developed tremendously at the professional and entertainment levels. Virtual sports consist of various synchronized video games that are played using electronic platforms. With these VR games, one is required to go through training to prepare their skills and focus.

ForeVR is a gaming agency that is obligated to bring virtual reality episodes to the public. Michael Pagano Doom and Marcus Segal established and managed the company with other senior designers from Zynga, Disney, Electronic Arts, and Glu. It is a for-profit gaming and entertainment agency for people above 18 years of age based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

ForeVR Virtual Reality (VR) Raises $7M in the Seed Round.

The Los Angeles virtual reality veterans, Marcus Segal and Mike Pagano Doom, turn their ForeVR real-life games into a virtual of a lifetime thrill. On Tuesday, 17th August 2021, the VR-based gaming company brought together a colossal subsidiary boost of 7 million USD. 

Currently, the gaming company is fancied at USD 8.5 million, adding on their initial 1.5 million USD thanks to Bessemer Venture Partners’ leads and other venture capitalists, including All-Star Capital, Galaxy Interactive, Emmett Shear, and Mark Pincus.

ForeVR First Virtual Reality Game Releases  

As of May 2021, its first single release ForeVR Bowl game circulated. ForeVR Bowl game allows the gamer to play bowling from disco bowling alley environments, the moon, a Palm Springs mansion, 1990s champion’s hall, and Polynesian island underwater having bumpers for children. Masters like the Third Eye Blind make frequent appearances in the game’s soundtrack, making you never want to leave. 

The ForeVR agency acknowledges being the first VR-based platform to transform real-life sports virtual. Gamers are also required to collect peculiar bowling balls as they play the game. They can also invite their friend who wishes to experience the competitive gaming thrill at their gameplay and style. 

You can also play new entertaining games apart from the ForeVR, such as the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest version 2 with headsets. As of 27th May 2021, the Oculus game was put into effect by ForeVR Bowl, and it managed to come to the top 50 ranked virtual reality games. As a gamer, you can play these games anywhere they are located with anybody they select across the globe. Your competitive players are usually exhibited as avatars regarding Facebook’s Avatar version 2.0 blueprints animation characters.

Covid-19 General Impact on the ForeVR Gaming Industry and Gamers 

Apart from the game’s fancy features, the ForeVR games exhibit other aspects for the gamer’s location convenience. The chief executive creator and co-founder Mike Doom Pagano illustrates that gamers can enjoy the lifetime thrill of bowling gaming anywhere they are located using virtual reality.  

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the global economy in late 2019 and early 2020, the world of real-life gaming came to a standstill. However, with ForeVR, that is not the case.  

General manager Marcus Segal and his associate Mike Doom Pagano developed a gaming platform to connect gamers through virtual reality amidst lockdown. The two associates had an upper hand experience in the gaming industry for years. They were able to deliver the first game, ForeVR Bowl, within ten months with the help of a crew of 10 experts despite the challenging times of the pandemic.    

ForeVR Future Expectations

The company is working out to create more ForeVR games for other contemporary platforms. They will use the raised funding to hire more personnel to establish fascinating new games for gaming enthusiasts.

ForeVR success will be made possible when Zynga takes on mobile bowling so that virtual reality can reach every household gamer in the comfort of their seats.   

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ForeVR gives you a chance to enjoy an easy-going gaming competition with a stunning soundtrack. ForeVR comes out stealth to offer you virtual reality games a gaming enthusiast will like to play for a lifetime. 

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