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Sports News   |   May 23, 2022

Expert Tennis Betting Strategy

Tennis betting is a lucrative venture because of the massive number of events and extensive web coverage. Tennis tournaments last at least 11 months, allowing a significant supply of games to wager and trade pre-game and in-play.

Liquid and live betting markets are common. The prevalence of live streaming and in-play has made tennis betting less popular, and as a result, many tennis betting customers prefer to wager on pre-match & live tennis events instead. 

Tennis matches are played nearly every day. Thus developing a winning betting strategy is possible. You may not be able to do this, but we’ve provided you with various strategies in this article that can assist you.

Strategy and Tips for Tennis Betting

There are thousands of matches each year in the tennis season. Developing a winning technique for wagering on tennis events may be quite beneficial. Going after lucrative markets for match results, handicaps, or correct scores may be one approach.

We’ve provided some strategic guidance.

Statistic Interpretation and Form Establishment

Analyzing the players’ statistics and previous performances helps determine who is likely to win. To decide which player to support in a tennis match, you need to conduct a thorough background investigation of the player. A tennis player may have a terrible record in the competition, making them ineffective. Bettors must know why a player’s form has dipped, such as an ailment that isn’t publicly known to be there. 

Handicap Betting

There are several handicap alternatives available at the top tennis betting sites. You should take advantage of this market. Based on the handicap, there are two different sorts of spreads here. 

The first option is a set handicap, which many individuals prefer. With set handicaps, it’s best to put your money on the big dogs. It is possible to receive a better price by backing the favorites with a handicap, although the chances for them winning are generally low.

Game handicaps are another form of handicap. The chances of each event being around 50 percent for the primary lines are significantly closer than you may expect. These should be used to target two good systems, which are: 

System 1: Aggressive Favorites – Top players are recognized for their aggressive attitude. That will result in a lot of breaks in the match. It’s a smart move to put your faith in them to win the games’ spread.

System 2: Strong Underdogs – You can back stronger underdogs in the handicap market if you like their prospects but desire a more secure gamble.

Profit From the Pre-match Drifters

The odds of a player’s winning tend to fluctuate a lot. Medical timeouts might be the cause. However, it could also be due to fitness difficulties. When a player does not care about winning, it is difficult to place a wager on the outcome of the competition. 

Many players lack the enthusiasm to participate in competitions because of the negative connotations of their participation, particularly in smaller events. Bettors should take advantage of these pre-match drifters to determine the most likely winner of the event, even if their prior results have been poor.

Set Totals Betting

An interesting approach is using set totals, a frequent initial choice. The most important question is whether the underdog can win a set or two. That’s the underlying principle of most strategic planning in this market.

Betting on a specific score is equivalent to betting on the game’s final score. Bettors wager on the amount of sets winners will get in tennis. That’s the most excellent strategy to wager if you know the players’ ability, especially if one is disregarded owing to a low start.

Look for underestimated underdogs and wager on the overs as an excellent strategy. Here are a few real-life instances of how this might happen:

>>Home Ground Advantage: It might boost an athlete if they play in their home country.

>>Favorites Whose Health Is in Question: A match’s favorite may be returning from injury or health issues.

>>Several Points Are at Risk: If a player did well in the same competition last season, they would defend ranking points, leading to good performances.

>>Young Rising Stars: There is a learning curve for young players, even if they are outstanding. There is usually a breakout moment when the bookies undervalue them because of their early struggles.

Do Not Place More Emphasis on Head-To-Head Competition

Head-to-head statistics are among the most difficult to decipher in tennis. It’s worth it to be accurately interpreted, without a doubt. Market participants are particularly interested in head-to-heads as a source of essential information. There is some value in the outcome. However, the chance of such an outcome is low. Tennis seldom sees something like this.

Game Spread

Single-participant games have less unpredictability than team sports. Favorable odds typically accompany tennis matches. The spread is a means of leveling the tennis-playing field. The strategy resembles a game spread in many respects. The main difference is that the punter wagers on sets instead of games.


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