Football   |   May 25, 2022

What Are Some of the Popular Football Betting Markets?

There are several soccer markets within the betting industry. However, which should punters choose if they wish to generate money? Solid betting markets are as crucial as finding the finest sportsbook. 

These markets should reduce errors and risks. They should assist you in maximizing your chances of becoming a successful bettor. Let’s look at some significant football markets and explore how to earn money betting on them.

Correct Score

Correct score work for those feeling very fortunate. Here a punter can consider wagering on the actual final score of a game rather than just the winner. The Correct Score market focuses on the individual goals scored. You will garner more significant rewards, considering how outlandish the score lines are.

The correct score market has multiple outcomes for the match’s final score. The correct score has high odds because it has so many specific possible outcomes. It is a risky market that can yield big rewards. You can use this market to protect yourself against specific outcomes which are so precise. 

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap is a good market to gamble on if you don’t know a lot about competing teams. There is nothing more you need to do than check your betting site to discover which side has the advantage. Decide if the stronger side has a chance to win, and if not, take a chance on the underdog.

The Asian Handicap market aims to eliminate draws. If you believe the game will end in a stalemate or the weaker side will lose by one goal, you may profit by wagering on the underdog’s odds. There are several handicap-related wagering options in the Asian handicap markets, which are half- or full-goal handicaps. 

European Handicap

An EH (European Handicap) market has a pre-determined goal advantage for the favored team. Both the favorites and the clear underdogs might find value in this market. You’ll need at least a tally of two goals for your wager to pay off if you support Chelsea against Wolves with a -1 EH because Wolves are already ahead with a 1-0 lead. Your wager is void if Chelsea loses, draws, or only wins by a goal with the handicap.

Handicap bets are perfect when you want to wager on a clear frontrunner. However, the odds are too low since the favorites are expected to win. Bookmakers offer more enticing odds for Handicap bets, which are riskier because the favorite’s win is less likely. Staking in this market requires courage, skill, and luck to win bets.

Match Odds

Match Odds is the most popular market where you wager on the outcome of an event. There are three possible outcomes in the final result market: a home win, a draw, or an away win. The market is simple and tests your soccer knowledge or ‘gut instinct.’

The Match Odds market has a significant advantage in terms of liquidity. The probabilities are neither high nor low for a market with three possible outcomes. The Match odds market is a great place to make consistent, low-risk bets. 

Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

The Both Teams to Score market lets you place a bet on whether both sides will score in a specific match, regardless of the final score. Yes or No are the only two possible outcomes. If you wager on “Yes,” both teams must score for you to win the wager. If you wager “No,” one team must score, and the other must not for you to win the wager. 

Double Chance

The Match Odds market gave rise to the Double Chance market. There are three different outcomes of the double chance market. Each covers two of the three possible outcomes of a soccer match. The odds are often significantly lower since this market combines two outcomes of the Match Odds market.

You can wager on a Home victory or a Draw (Home or Draw), a Draw or an Away victory (Draw or Away), or a Home victory or an Away victory (Home or Away). The Double Chance market is more favorable for individuals seeking a low-risk approach. It’s a market where taking a chance on the underdog may pay off.

Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet has two possible outcomes: a home win or an away win. You will get your money back if the game ends in a draw. It is comparable to the Double Chance market in that you may cover yourself against a draw.

Draw No Bet is less risky than most markets. However, if you placed a wager on a team to win and the match ended in a draw, you would lose your wager. It’s ideal for matchups where you are sure of the exact winner. The insurance makes it perfect for novice gamblers.


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