Casino   |   August 25, 2021

Pariplay Includes Neobiz Exclusive Online Casino Content to Fusion Platform

Pariplay boosts Fusion™ offering with Neobiz content

Pariplay is the number one leading iGaming platform. It is an innovative content provider founded dating back in 2010. The casino’s innovative products include:

  • Ignite studio development program
  • Fusion aggregation platform.

Neobiz Creative Studios is a fast thriving iGaming portfolio in Portugal established in 2020. It brings out elite and peculiar content to its plant operators. 

Pariplay is an innovative company that deploys a paradigm shift in the casino industry. Experience an excellent thrill of being miles ahead by joining the Pariplay team today.

The Neobiz Online Casino Content Portfolio

The Neobiz Creative Studios Fusion aggregation portfolio features thousands of casino games. There are also hundreds of live integrations of the iGaming market developers.

There is a selection of retention and conversion tools in the back office. These tools have blueprints to boost the gamers’ merit. The Fusion aggregation portfolio is currently licensed and bonded in at least 16 regulated markets.

The Neobiz Creative Studios’ first game release is Like a Lord. Like A Lord was an exclusively custom-built game. A prominent Portuguese Online Casino Game operator inaugurated the game. Neobiz Creative Studios deployed the Like A Lord game earlier this year.

The game features a familiar actor from Portugal named Rui Unas. After its launch, the 47-year-old Portuguese has always been acknowledged by the local online casino slot games.

Portuguese Studio’s Game Portfolio to Be Included in the Aggregation Platform

On Tuesday, August 24th, 2021, Pariplay further broadened its Fusion platform. Pariplay established a deliberate incorporation alliance with a Portuguese developer Neobiz Creative Games Studio.

The partnership will enable Neobiz Creative Studio’s casino games to supplement Pariplay’s Fusion portfolio. The two must stick to the terms and conditions of the casino game. The Portugal operator partners will now be able to have the Neobiz portfolio exclusive titles.

Pariplay Unveils to Team up With LatAm-Focused Games Creator Caleta Gaming.

LatAm has to Integrate Its Entire Portfolio into the Pariplay Fusion Platform. 

It is the current contract disclosed by Pariplay as of August 6th, 2021. The Pariplay online casino company unveiled that it had an agreement with LatAm. It is a focused online casino game creator known as Caleta Gaming. It integrates its innovative slots on the leading Fusion portfolio exclusive content aggregator.

Jose Micallef mentioned that teaming with LatAm Caleta will provide a tremendous selection of casino games. It is in a region with huge potential returns.

At least 75 of Caleta’s gaming titles were available to Pariplay’s operating network. LatAm Caleta CEO Fabíola Jaeger noted that it was great to team up with Pariplay to achieve quality goals together.

Another vital partnership by Pariplay was when they had a contract with Stockholm-based Studio Thunderkick. They had to integrate their content onto the Pariplay Fusion portfolio also.

LatAm Caleta Gaming Portfolio and Exclusive Content Aggregator

It was Established back in 2013 in Brazil. LatAm Caleta developed and supplied comprehensive online games like

  • Slots Games
  • Bingo
  • Lotto
  • Keno
  • Instant games.

LatAm Caleta has experienced impeccable growth across Latin America and beyond. It has at least 16 exclusive titles that are licensed for Colombia’s regulated online casino gaming.

Jose Micallef’s on Neobiz Online iGaming Casino as a Point of View.

According to the Business Development Director, Jose Micallef’s comments at Pariplay, Portugal is among the regulated markets that Pairplay online casino recently has its center of attention to exhibit remarkable potential and growth.

Jose Micallef also went ahead, commenting that the Neobiz Creative Studios portfolio is vigilant to deliver exclusively local content (custom-built) and fresh to its operators. He extended on to reveal how he fell in love with the new Neobiz Creative Studios passion in town.

Jose Micallef concluded that for both partners to garner significant results within Portugal, Paripay should deliver the Neobiz Creative Studios exclusive content on their fusion portfolio.

Alberto Jorge Teixeira, Neobiz Online Casino CEO Remarks on the Partnership

Alberto Jorge Teixeira declared that it was a great satisfaction that Neobiz merged with the Pariplay iGaming Casino. The 34-years-old Portuguese provided the Neobiz games onto the extensive Pariplay Casino Operator Network.

The CEO later wrapped up by saying that following the well-thought-out contract between the two partners is worth it. As they count on that, the future will bring infinite reasons for both companies to celebrate it.