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Kamila Valieva

Sports News   |   February 15, 2022

Winter Olympics: Figure Skater Kamila Valieva Is Awaiting a Ruling From the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

The Court of Arbitration (CAS) for Sport will handle cases against a move to withdraw a provisional ban and allow Valieva to continue to skate in the figure skating team competition on Tuesday, a day after she tested positive for a prohibited cardiac drug.

Wada to Probe Kamila Valieva’s Entourage

According to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the accelerated hearing on Kamila Valieva’s doping case will take place Sunday night in Beijing. The decision will be handed down by Monday afternoon – a day before the planned women’s figure skating competition.

On Tuesday, after the Russian Olympic Committee’s (ROC) win in the figure skating team event on Monday, Valieva showed positive results for trimetazidine, a prohibited cardiac drug.

CAS will hear two separate appeals against a decision by Russia’s Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) to remove a temporary suspension and allow her to compete.

Valieva returned to the Beijing training facility on Saturday and spent almost 45 minutes on the ice, pausing and appearing to be in tears at one point as she had a lengthy embrace with her contentious coach, Eteri Tutberidze.

The International Olympic Committee and RUSADA announced on Saturday that they are widening the scope of their probes to include members of Valieva’s squad.

RUSADA stated in a statement: “Because the athlete is a child, RUSADA initiated an investigation into the figure skater’s staff.

“The primary objective of this inquiry is to disclose all information of potential anti-doping rule infractions in the interest of ‘subject in defense’.”

The IOC proceeded to dodge the bulk of queries about the matter on Saturday, citing the current investigation. However, communications head, Mark Adams, echoed RUSADA’s comments, hinting that it may be fair to look into individuals responsible for Valieva’s career.

“In all circumstances where it is appropriate, the IOC will welcome an inquiry into the entourage,” Adams stated.

“We have bolstered WADA by establishing an intelligence and investigative team. In all circumstances, we would strongly urge this. In the past, the entourage has been neglected. In this case, as in others, we would want a firm statement from them on that.”

One of the pivotal individuals is Kamila’s coach, Eteri Tutberidze, whose Sambo-70 team in Moscow has produced champions like 2018 gold medalist Alina Zagitova but has also come under fire for the high number of skaters suffering career-threatening injuries.

Tutberidze, now in Beijing alongside Valieva, informed Russia’s Channel One: “I am certain that Kamila is pure and innocent. I’m not sure who determines what, but I’m hoping for justice to prevail.”

Valieva presented a positive test on Christmas Day during the Russian Championships. RUSADA asserts that the delay in obtaining the findings caused a coronavirus outbreak at the Stockholm laboratory that analyzed the sample.

Senior IOC member Dick Pound: Russia May Require an Olympic Timeout if Doping Allegations Emerge

Russian athletes competing in the Beijing Games are now not competing under their national flag while wearing the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) logo on their uniforms. The Russian national anthem has not been played at any ceremonies due to sanctions imposed following the Sochi Games’ widespread doping.

“At some point, if they are completely irredeemable, you are forced to take a national timeout,” Pound explained in a telephone conversation from Florida. “We may assert that we can assist you. You’ve encountered a difficulty. We can focus on it. Take a break for one, two, or three Olympic Games until the issue is resolved.”

Russia has admitted to certain failures in its anti-doping enforcement but denies conducting a state-sponsored doping program.

“The Russians are helpless since they have been completely unapologetic,” Pound observed. “They will not acknowledge anything; they will challenge any verdict.”

“I believe the approach has been too generous in allowing them to participate in their capacity as the Russian Olympic Committee.”

Kamila’s failed drug test reignited global fury over Moscow’s doping past, as well as concern over how a youngster acquired a forbidden substance in her system.

“There are a lot of things going on, and I’m convinced the Russians have hired lawyers and are doing all they can to contain the damage,” Pound explained. “However, how could you possibly have exposed her to such risk?”

“This is not a contaminated supplement; it is a non-therapeutic usage rather strong medication.”