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Sports News   |   August 21, 2023

The Major Rugby Union Competitions to Wager On

Rugby is one of the most highly-paced and physical sports featuring a dozen tournaments and thousands of fans. Bettors also stand a chance to win big by placing wagers on great competitions worldwide. Read as we discuss the major rugby union competitions you can wager on. 

What Are Some of the Major Rugby Union Competitions to Wager On

Plenty of rugby tournaments occur yearly for any potential gambler to wager on and win big. Here are some of the major rugby union events that attract significant wagering interests:

Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is a renowned competition every four years, featuring all teams worldwide. The first rugby world cup was held by the International Rugby Board in Australia and New Zealand in 1987. The competition involves both male and female participants from around the globe. 

The latest women’s rugby world cup took place in 2022 in New Zealand. The following men’s rugby world cup (tenth) will take place from 8th September to 28th October 2023 in France. Several 20 men’s rugby national teams will participate in the event. 

South Africa currently holds the 2019 Men’s rugby union world cup. New Zealand is the most successful rugby team, winning six Rugby World Cup titles.

Six Nations 

The Six Nations is the men’s rugby union competition that takes place every year. The event involves six men’s rugby teams from the European side, which include France, England, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. There is also a women’s competition in which England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales participate. 

The rugby union of the six nations participating founded the Six Nations in 1883. Therefore, it is the oldest and most traditional rugby tournament that attracts a massive betting interest. Ireland is the current holder of the 2023 Six Nations Championship. England (most outright titles) and Wales (most championship titles) are the most successful Six Nations rugby teams.

Rugby Championship  

The Rugby Championship, formerly known as the Tri-Nations, is a men’s international rugby union competition that takes place every year. The rugby union inaugurated the competition in 1996, and New Zealand won the event. The nations (four) that participated in the event include Australia, Argentina, South Africa, and New Zealand. 

New Zealand is the most prosperous nation, having secured 19 titles. Also, they are the current holders of the 2022 Rugby Championship. The 2023 Rugby Championship (marking the 11th edition of the Southern Hemisphere tournament) is underway, with two matches already played. 

Premiership Rugby

The Premiership Rugby is a fanciful high-level English professional rugby union competition. The Rugby Football Union founded the competition in 1987. The number of teams participating in this English Rugby Union System pinnacle is 10.

Leicester Tigers have the highest number of titles won (11)‎ in Premiership Rugby. On the other hand, Saracens is the most current 2022-23 Premiership Rugby champion, having clinched their 6th title. The team that finishes 10th is relegated to the RFU Championship, the second division. Therefore, the winner in the 2nd division is promoted to the Premiership.

 World Cup Sevens

The World Cup Sevens is the highest level of men’s and women’s rugby union competition besides the Summer Olympics. The sport is also popularly known as the quadrennial world championship of rugby sevens, a professional variant of the rugby union competition. 

World Rugby organized the men’s World Cup Sevens in 1993 in Scotland, where England secured the Melrose Cup after defeating Australia 21-17 in the final match. The women’s World Cup Sevens came in 2009 in Dubai, where Australia won the cup.

The number of teams in the men’s World Cup Sevens is 24 and 16 for women. New Zealand and Fiji men have the most men’s World Cup Sevens Titles (3 titles each). On the other hand, the Australian and New Zealand women’s teams have two titles each.

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