Basketball   |   January 9, 2023

Geno Auriemma Says Upsets Are Going to Happen “More and More”

Six teams ranked in the preseason top 10 in women’s college basketball have already lost at the end of the third week. There have been four losses for the Tennessee Lady Vols. Not surprisingly, there will be more upsets in the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend tournaments.

UConn head coach Geno Auriemma stated that there are fewer great teams than good teams. The outcome is that good teams begin to defeat other good ones. Auriemma noted that a top-10 team would be exposed if it had problems. Especially with the transfer portal, he expects this to happen more frequently.

Auriemma argued that higher-ranked teams see more players leave via the transfer window, resulting in fewer returning players at the start of each season.

Auriemma claimed that this has little impact on teams like Marquette and Gonzaga. They have their guys, and they keep them. The clubs in the top 10, 15, and 20 have the best players. However, when they arrive, they don’t play, and it will feel like you must assemble a brand new squad every year.

You will have to face a team with three or four individuals who have been together for three or four years. It’s a great sign for women’s basketball that you can no longer come into the gym, roll out the ball, and leave. The days when top-10 teams could roll in and overtake unranked teams are over.

November has been a wild month. Auriemma hopes that this means the postseason will be more unpredictable.